Cosmetic Dentistry

Whitening your teeth is easier than ever. We can dramatically lighten your teeth within an hour of coming to see us, or set you up for at home whitening. My Teeth Dental and Orthodontics offers in office bleaching for those that want to immediately see a dramatic difference in the shade of their teeth. For those who prefer the ease and comfort of whitening at home we can take an impression of your teeth to make a specifically designed whitening tray to perfectly fit your mouth. You will be provided with prescription grade whitening gel to use with your bleaching tray to reach the color you desire. These trays are reusable, and can be worn anytime and anywhere. You choose when to whiten your teeth. With both services we can lighten your teeth's coloring by up to eight shades.

Veneers are a low impact, permanent, solution to changing the look of your smile.They can change the shape, color, size or length of your teeth. This look is created by shaping and coloring a porcelain material to match your teeth. The dentist then places this thin piece of porcelain shell to just the front surface of the tooth. You get a whole new look, without a whole lot of extra dental work. Another great aspect of veneers is that they are more resistant to chips and stains than just bonding. They can last a lifetime if you properly care for your teeth. A trip to the dentist every six months for a deep cleaning will keep your new veneers in tip top shape. If you have broken, crooked, stained, or gaps between your teeth, then veneers may be a great solution for you at an inexpensive price

Dental contouring is used when a dentist will actually change the shape of the tooth enamel. Dentists will use a sanding instrument to remove some of the tooth or teeth's enamel to reform, polish and smooth your teeth. Dental contouring is recommended for teeth reshaping, overlapping, irregularly shaped teeth, tooth chips and sharp pointed teeth. This is a relatively inexpensive process that can provide major improvements. 

Dental implants are used to replace missing teeth whenever possible because they offer a permanent replacement. Missing teeth can affect your ability to speak, chew, and cause the surrounding teeth to warp in a an attempt to fill the space. Dental implants involve a surgical procedure where a titanium post is inserted into your jaw bone so a replacement tooth can be placed on top of it. Usually a crown Is placed on top of the post. Implants are permanent and stable. To be a candidate for implants you must have enough healthy bone structure to secure the titanium bolt. When implants are not possible bridges or dentures are used.


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